News from Lovelace Bariatrics

Dr. Vuong will be leaving Lovelace Bariatrics effective June 20, 2018, in order to pursue other opportunities to serve the bariatric community. It is important to note Lovelace Health System is partnering with community bariatric surgeons in order to continue offering this service. 

In order to ensure at least 6 weeks of post-operative care/availability for any surgery, all patients who are scheduled for a surgery after April 30 or who are new patients will be transitioned to the new community bariatric group.

The Lovelace Bariatrics office staff will assist patients in transferring their medical records. 

For more information or to learn more about our community bariatric surgeons, please click here.

It is important to note, Dr. Walker will continue seeing patients for non-surgical weight loss. Should you have any questions regarding this transition, please feel free to call 727-2300.